About us


We are two sisters with a great passion for natural skin care. Our backgrounds are in biochemistry and molecular biology, with a long experience in biomedical research. During the past years we have become more and more interested in natural, but above all toxic free, skin care. 

Some years back we started to question what was really in our bathroom cabinets and realized that a lot of the stuff we've been using isn't all that good for us.

Our conviction is that natural organic skin-care products are most often better choices than conventional mass-produced products. However, we refuse to accept that everything natural is good, only because it comes from nature, or that every synthetic substance is bad, solely based on that it is made in a laboratory. 

The problem with a lot of the information you find online about what is toxic and what is not in skin-care products is that it is full of errors and misconceptions. The reason is usually unfamiliarity with reading and interpreting scientific reports, insufficient knowledge in chemistry, cell biology and anatomy. In many cases there is also an economic interest in selling alternative products.

Our ambition with this site is to explain the concepts and to sort the myths from the facts regarding toxins in skin care. What should you avoid in your skin-care products? What proof is there that a certain substance is not good for you? We would also like to kill some myths and rumors going around the internet, which lack any kind of scientific support.

We read all articles and reports that we reference in order to form our own opinion that we can stand up for. We don't just repeat general beliefs on the internet.



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