Mint Chocolate Body Butter

 Mintchoklad body butter

- Mummy, said my eldest daughter the other day. Why don't you post the recipe for the lotion Ulrika made for me for Christmas?

- Do you like it?

- I Love it!!

So here comes a recipe for a wonderfully creamy and skin softening body butter that smells so deliciously of chocolate and mint that you want to eat it. This recipe has a slightly longer list of ingredients than normal but is so worth it.

Making your own body lotion is easy. You always have full control over the ingredients and get a product that contains only organic and skin-pampering ingredients and no strange chemicals. Always choose raw, virgin and non-refined oils and butters for best skin caring effect. During refinement, a lot of the vitamins, antioxidants and other goodies get lost.

In this recipe we use three different butters, raw cacao butter, mango butter and shea nilotica, which makes this body butter heavenly creamy. The inclusion of mango butter into the recipe gives the body butter a dry finish and makes it absorb better into the skin than other recipes. Tapioca and cacao powder also help to give this butter a dryer and less greasy feel. Essential peppermint oil adds a delightfully fresh scent. The vitamine E oil is there to prolong the shelf life and protect the lotion from going rancid.



20g Cacao butter

20g Mango butter

10g Coconut oil

10g Nilotica shea butter

10g Jojoba oil

10g Sweet almond oil

15g Tapioca starch

1,6g Non-sweetened Cacao 

3 drops Vitamin E oil (1 000 IU/ml if not more)

0,4g Essential peppermint oil (mentha pipirita) (about 12 drops)


Melt together cacao butter, mango butter, coconut oil and shea nilotica in a double boiler. Remove from the heat and add the jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, tapioca starch and cacao powder. Mix together. Finally, add the vitamin E oil and essential peppermint oil if you've chosen to include them. Mix and put the bowl in the fridge. When the oils begin to set but before they are completely solid, take it out and whip it vigorously with a pair of electric beaters until it turns into a fluffy cream. Transfer into a jar. Ready to use.


NOTE! If you are pregnant you should avoid essential peppermint oil. Instead, you can use essential spearmint oil (mentha spicata), which is milder. During the first trimester though, you should avoid all essential oils to be on the safe side.