Product Review: Felted Soap from Malin i Ratan

Felted soap from Malin i RatanWhen I visited "Malin i Ratan" this summer, I couldn't help bringing one of her felted soaps back with me. An exciting new addition to Malins line of products. Exactly which ones of Malins organic soaps are available as felted versions vary. The one I have tried contained Red Clay & Rose - Oriental Scent of Patchouli. Seen in the picture with one of Malins practical and cute little soap bags. The soap looks absolutely fabulous sitting on the bathroom sink, like a little soft rock, and I keep getting compliments from my guests who wonder where I've found this wonderful soap. And the soap is actually really wonderful. It produces a rich, creamy lather, feels moisturizing and smells lovely. The only drawback might be that the felted wool prolongs the drying of the soap, compared to other soaps. On the other hand, the wool around the soap protects it and keeps it from floating away out on the sink, even after it has gotten really soft and wet. A hot tip is to keep several soaps and to switch between them, to give them a chance to dry every once in a while.