Morning light is one of my most favorite things

Soluppgång över GrenobleTo get out early in the morning, just before sunrise and go for a walk, just you and your camera and to capture the first rays of the sun breaking through the mist when everyone else is rushing to work. That is luxury. Just the other day I did just that, to take pictures of Grenoble in morning light, the city that I live in since 6 years now. During the autumn, the mist covers the city like a soft blanket that slowly disappears during the late morning hours. I walked up to the old fort, La Bastille, to get a view of the whole town and the surrounding mountain chains, just as the sun climbed over the mountain tops illuminating the mist with a wonderfully soft golden light. What a reward. Only for me and a handful joggers while everyone else was stuck in trafic.

Morgonljus över Grenoble

Höstfärg på löven och morgondimma

Utsikt över Grenoble i morgonljus

Höstfärger och morgonljus

Grenobles välkända bollar upp på bastiljen