Raspberry Seed Oil Not a Sunscreen

Raspberry seed oil not a sunscreenWe love raspberry seed oil! It's an absolutely wonderful facial oil, rich in tocopherols, carotenoids and a bunch of other antioxidants. However, there has evolved an unfounded belief that this oil contains sun protection properties superior to many commercially developed sunscreens and you can often read on blogs and social media that raspberry seed oil has an inherent sun-protection factor as high as SPF40. It would be truly amazing if this were true, however, we have looked everywhere. There is NO scientific evidence that supports these statements. We also did our own test last summer. On the pale back of a willing volunteer, we applied locally Raspberry seed oil and different strengths of a commercial sunscreen. After 2 hours of sun exposure, we could not see that the raspberry seed oil provided any sun protection effect, whereas the protective effect from the SPF20 commercial sunscreen was easily distinguishable.

In conclusion, raspberry seed oil is a wonderful facial oil to use when spending a lot of time in the sun. Use it for its skin-caring properties and because its antioxidants most likely can help the skin to repair DNA damage, but don't forget to also apply a product containing a properly evaluated sunscreen agent to avoid getting a nasty sunburn.