Luxurious Shea Lotion Bars for Cracked Heels

Shea foot lotion bars

I recently got back from a long and relaxing summer vacation. But spending a lot of time walking around barefoot on sand, gravel and grass had really been tough on my feet. They were full of deep cracks and crevices and not at all as soft as they usually are. And when my feet crack they really hurt. Since I find ordinary foot creams far from effective when it comes to healing cracks, I tried my way through the various oils and butters I had at home. My conclusion, without doubt, was that the one with most healing power, and with a clear effect from one day to another, was shea butter. However, I find shea butter a bit crumbly and not that easy to use as a moisturizer. Therefore, I decided to put together a lotion bar with as much shea as possible and only dilute it just enough to make it easier to apply not to decrease the healing efficacy. After several not very successful attempts with various oils, it was clear that coconut oil or any other liquid oil for that matter only seemed to prevent the shea butter from entering the skin. By just mixing the shea with only a small amount of beeswax, I got a much better result. Finally, I reached an optimal mixture consisting of 80% shea butter and 20 % beeswax. The result was a bar with firm consistency. It was easy to apply, did not crumble and yet was thick enough to stay in the cracks. To make it a bit more luxurious I also added a few drops of essential lavender and rosemary oils that both have skin healing properties.



80% shea butter

20% beeswax

A couple of drops of an essential oil with skin healing properties (e.g. lavender, rosemary, German chamomile, palmarosa, frankincense, sandalwood)

Melt together shea butter and beeswax in a double boiler. Remove from the heat and add the essential oils of your choice if you decided to include any. Pour into molds and wait for it to set. I used small muffin molds in silicone, but any silicone mold works fine or you could even pour the mixture into empty lip balm tubes.