Vegan Cacao Butter Lip Balm

Vegan cacao butter lip balm

For those of you who prefer vegan ingredients or are not really that into beeswax, here is a recipe for a completely organic, vegan lip balm with lovely, moisturizing cacao butter and a natural shine from coconut oil and carnauba wax.


What you'll need:

8 g Sweet almond oil

4 g Cacao butter

4 g Coconut oil

3,4 g Carnauba wax ( alt. 3g Candelilla wax)

Empty lip balm tubes or small tins or containers.


Melt together everything in a in a double boiler (or in a small saucepan or heatproof container in a slightly larger pan containing warm water). Pour the melted oils into the tubes or containers and wait for it to set. That is all!

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