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Nyponros blog

Summer is finally here and the wild flowers are fully in bloom. For those of you who want to know more about us, who are behind Nyponros, we now launch Nyponros Blog.

I live together with my husband and three kids in an apartment in Stockholm. I am trying to create some structure in the more or less chaotic, but wonderful life with small kids. I dream about finding the time to grow plants and vegetables in our yard, practice more yoga and learn how to make sourdough bread.

A few years ago Ulrika moved to Grenoble in the French Alps where she has found a better balance in life, with more time to enjoy the beautiful nature, see friends and do sports. Skiing in the winter and hiking and some rock climbing in the summer.

In addition to our great interest in natural skin care, we both love photography.

There is nothing more amazing than to get up really early to catch the morning light, or just hurry out  after the rain just stopped to capture that magical light that only exists for a few brief moments.