Whipped Chocolate and Shea Body Butter - Easy DIY

Whipped body butter cacao and shea - easy DIY

A friend's 10-year-old has been nagging me for a long time now if we cannot do some natural skin care together. That is something that must be encouraged!  So now during the autumn break, we took the opportunity to do some lovely, moisturizing whipped body butter. It is easy to make and feels luxurious this time of year. When the autumn starts to set in with shorter days and temperatures closer to zero and the skin needs something extra.

I usually mix 2 parts hard fat like cacao butter or cacao butter + shea butter with 1 part virgin coconut oil and 1 part liquid oil like almond oil. But you can also use organic cold pressed sunflower oil or canola oil. We also added a little bit of beeswax in order for the fluffy consistency to be less sensitive to heat. Adding a little bit of starch, like maize or arrowroot powder to the oils before they cool make the butter feel less greasy. Use what you find at home.


75 g Cacao Butter

75 g Shea Butter (alt. only Cacao Butter, i.e. 150 g instead of 75 g)

75 g Virgin Coconut Oil

75 g Sweet Almond Oil (alt. organic cold pressed sunflower or canola oil)

1 tsp Beeswax

5 tsp Organic Maize Starch (or Arrowroot powder)

Vispat body butter diy - recept

Weigh everything except for the starch powder melt on low heat, either in a double boiler (or in a small saucepan or heatproof container in a slightly larger pan containing warm water). Add the maize starch or arrowroot powder (stir it in a little of the oils first to avoid lumps). Transfer the oil mixture to a bowl and let it cool, either in the fridge or make a cold water bath in the sink. The oils should begin to set, but not completely solidify. Otherwise, it is too hard to whip. When the mixture has set, whip it with an electrical whisk until it looks like whipped cream. Enjoy!