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All content on Nyponros.com is copyrighted. All images, photos, illustrations, molecular sketches, logos, the website design as well as the content of the articles etc are made by us, Johanna and Ulrika Forsman, and are the property of Nyponros.com. All material whether found directly on the website or on social media is licensed for personal use only. You are allowed to share the information within fair use. A fair use excerpt is considered not more than 10% of an articles' content and given that a link to the original content is provided. Content cannot be republished in full. You may not use this content for commercial purposes.


Cooperations, Affiliate Links and Other Publicity

To be able to run Nyponros.com we sometimes use various forms of publicity. We are positive to cooperations with companies that fit the profile of Nyponros.com. Publicity can occur in the form of classical banners, cooperations sponsored articles and affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that if you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase from that webshop, we get a small commission on that purchase. This does not influence which products we choose to put forward. We would never recommend a product or choose to do publicity for a company whose values we do not agree with and. All articles and blog posts that contain affiliate links or are in any other way contain sponsored content are clearly marked with a statement at the beginning of the article. 


Press Releases and Product Reviews

We are happy to accept products to test and review. However, reception of a product does not guarantee exposure on Nypnros.com or in our social channels. We only write about products we like and believe in. Sometimes we also publish reviews of products that we have bought ourselves. These posts are not publicity since we have not received any monetary compensation for them. Regardless of compensation, the views and opinions expressed on Nyponros.com and in our social channels are purely our own. We will only endorse a product that we like, use ourselves and that we believe, based on our expertise, are worthy of such endorsement and brings value to the readers of Nyponros.com. 



Cookies are small text files saved by the web browser that sends basic information about your web browsing. Cookies does not contain any personal information. There are also no connection between such information and the identity of a visitor of Nyponros.com. Cookies gives us the possibility to see the number of visitors on Nyponros.com, which articles are the most popular etc. We use cookies on Nyponros.com, both to improve user experience and to register purchases via affiliate links, which allows us to earn a small commission on that purchase. (See Cooperations, Affiliate Links and other Publicity)


Integrity Policy

We neither collect nor save any personal, identifiable information. The data that we do collect shows for example in which countries our readers are located, which platforms they are using and what pages they visit. We don't collect IP-addresses and the data cannot be connected to any specific person. Contact via the email form requests that you leave a functional email address. This is only to avoid spam and to be able to reply to your email. We do not send out newsletters, nor do we share your email address with anyone else.



This website is offering content for general information only and should not replace information from a doctor or other certified professionals.