Soap and Surfactants

Soap or other surfactants can be found in every cleansing product. Read more to understand why and which are mild and gentle to your skin and which to avoid.

SLS is the main cleaning agent and second-largest ingredient after water in most regular brands of personal cleaning products. It is also on every list of ingredients to avoid in skin care products. How dangerous is this surfactant? Should you believe all the claims about the damage it can cause or is it just internet rumors?

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Hur fungerar tensider

Water is not enough to wash away grease and dirt from your skin and hair. You need something that dissolves the grease. We all use some kind of soap, shower gel or shampoo to clean ourselves. But what do they contain that dissolves the grease and how does it work?

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Savon de Marseille

A natural soap is considerably milder and better for the skin than any industrially produced, but how do you know if a soap is natural? How to differentiate a good soap from the ones that dries out your skin?

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