Sun light increases the risk for skin cancer and is the foremost cause of all the aging signs of the skin. However, many sunscreens contain toxic substances. How do you best protect yourself and what to absolutely avoid in sunscreen? 

Eating your sunscreen - chocolate

To be able to eat yourself to a better natural sunscreen feels incredibly tempting, but does it work? And how much do you actually need to eat of a certain food to have an effect? In this article, we take a closer look at a favorite product of ours, namely chocolate. Could you really improve your skin's inherent sun-protection by eating chocolate?

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Allt om solskydd

How do you best protect yourself against the sun? How much sun protection do you get from shade or light summer clothes? Should you use sunscreen products or could the sun creams in themselves be more harmful than the sun's UV-rays?

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Test of Raspberry seed oil as sunscreen

The recent hype on social media about Raspberry seed oil as a natural alternative to sunscreen made us curious. Could there be any truth behind these statements? Does Raspberry seed oil have any inherent SPF? Since science not yet had an answer, we decided to test.

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